Welcome to Listerclub

Lister is The Biggest free English Community in Indonesia, where all people can join, meet & connect throught our classes & events

Our Class Program

To give our best contribution to the community, we provide three regular classes to help member improve their english with informative topics and fun activities.

Sunday Class : Business English Series

As most of members of us are workers and businessman,so on every Tuesday, we conduct an English for Business class. The topic for the class is not as hard as you think since we put Business on it. We provide experienced and talented conductors to mentor us within the class.

Wednesday Class : English Group Discussion

We provide English Group class to encourage members to have bravery when speak up with English in public under circumstances. We engage with great public speakers to conduct in Wednesday class, so we can learn together within 1,5 hours

Saturday Class : Lister talk series

Tired after working on weekdays? Let’s gather in our activity on weekend called Lister Talk. You’ll get interesting experiences while attending the class. We’ll learn New Insight from The Experts

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